How do I choose the right fireplace for my fire?

With such a huge range of fireplace materials available it is hard to choice and know the right one for your home, here at Fireplaces 4 Life we are trying our best to make the buying process easier for our customers and we hope the following information is of some use;


Marble fireplaces come in a choice of different types of marble please see our explanation of the most popular types;

  • Perla Micro Marble - 

    is manufactured from crushed marble and resins. This man made marble has a smooth polished finished and is often preferred to other types of marble due to its consistent colour.

  • Carrera Marble - 

    is a natural product made from a single block of marble it is hand crafted into the surround. Carrara marble has veining running through a light toned marble and has a high polished finish.


  • Portuguese limestone - 

    is made from a natural material meaning that each product is one of a kind and will contain fossils, blooms and veining which are not flaws but qualities of the limestone making it unique.

  • Aegean Limestone - 

    this 100% natural limestone ensures every fireplace is unique due to veining and colouring.

  • Cotswold Jura-stone - 

    this natural product is made from marble with a coated Cotswold finish giving it a smooth visual aspect and making the item easy to maintain and scratch and stain resistant.

  • Chiltern Jura-stone - 

    made from natural marble with a Chiltern finish this product has a rough-textured look and is both scratch and stain resistant and easy to maintain.

Cast Iron
  • Traditional 
  • Black 
  • Highlighted 
  • Full Polished